New Blood

Sitting in the tabulations room. I watch as my sisters wait impatiently for votes. It’s recruitment weekend. The buzz of excitement is so thick you could cut it with a knife. This weekend is bitter sweet. Our chapter will never be the same again. The girls going through the recruitment process are a jumble of nerves. All anxious smiles. They check their makeup three times before leaving the bathroom. As I walk out of a stall they observe me with an anxious reverence. They are so young. I hurry out of there with a smile.

The votes are in. With my fellow sisters on the tabulations committee, I hustle to make sure all the sisters have everything they need for the next round. A Band-Aid, a water bottle, some tape for a wardrobe malfunction. I am so happy to be useful, and I feel lucky I don’t have to smile and talk to people for hours on end. Some of my sisters have already fallen in love with certain PNMs. I send a prayer that everything works out alright.

Lydia looks exhausted, the makeup under her eyes hides the dark circles but I know this weekend has taken a toll on her. Mollie looks anxious, I see her take a few breaths to calm herself. Her little sister is going through recruitment; I know she wants her in our chapter desperately. The both of them handle their positions with such grace and kindness.

I listen to the girls complain of hurting cheeks, and sore feet. When I take a moment to imagine it, I cringe. Cat gives me an empathetic smile. I watch with a keen eye. My job is to make sure everyone has what they need to perform at their best. I see Jill wave out of the corner of my eye, she needs a refill, I’m happy to oblige. Jackie, with beautiful red hair, has a question, I direct her to the right person. Rachel needs more water too.

As I walk outside I see a line of PNMs waiting. They stare at the tabulations committee with awe and envy. One girl in a blue dress stares at Hannah while she confidently power walks in 4” heels. Daria smiles at a couple of girls graciously, they smile back. One quirks her perfectly manicured eyebrow at Cat and I who are carrying about a dozen empty water bottles.

Finally, back in the tabs room, we all take a deep breath, and get to work.

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