Prompt: Kamryn Timm mentions a dog in the city
    Whenever I think about Loyola’s main campus, I barf in my mouth. Not all of lunch, just the appetizer. I think about how isolated and depressing Rogers Park is and how there’s nothing worth doing on the North Side. Freshman year, on the day the first leaf of autumn fell, every white girl wore brown boots over black pants with a sweater and a vest. They looked like a cult and I turned around, went back to my dorm and hid from the “basic” that pervades the north campus. The self importance of the middle class white student was suffocating.
    Sophomore year, I fled to the water tower campus where international students and the polite thrive. Did i mention the male/female ratio goes from a 30/70 to a solid 35/65 here? Hell yeah, life is good downtown. I missed living in the real world. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when girls on my floor left used tampons in the bathroom but it was nice to get my own kitchen.
    The dogs and babies downtown remind me that there is something to look forward to after luxurious campus life. People here actually look like their dogs. A woman with a Burberry dog leash holds her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in her lap. I look on with envy as he licks off her $300 make-up routine with a tongue that just was licking his own ass just moments before. I sigh, sipping my overpriced loose-leaf tea, hoping for a future half as glamorous as hers.

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