I worked with a team to create a B2B blog about SEO in my Spring 2016 Content & Influencer Marketing class at Loyola. In collaboration with my classmates, I created a content strategy complete with buyer personas, a copywriting style guide, and blog architecture. I wrote the following posts as part of the project: 5 […]


Prompt: Kamryn Timm mentions a dog in the city     Whenever I think about Loyola’s main campus, I barf in my mouth. Not all of lunch, just the appetizer. I think about how isolated and depressing Rogers Park is and how there’s nothing worth doing on the North Side. Freshman year, on the day […]


Prompt: One of the most remarkable things about me, according to Akers, is my wit.      I’m not sure he realized how hard it is to be witty on the spot. My sass is usually a spur of the moment type thing. Like when I see something ironic, I can’t help but say something about it…wow […]

New Blood

Sitting in the tabulations room. I watch as my sisters wait impatiently for votes. It’s recruitment weekend. The buzz of excitement is so thick you could cut it with a knife. This weekend is bitter sweet. Our chapter will never be the same again. The girls going through the recruitment process are a jumble of […]